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Our Heritage

Paul C. Konnor

Since 1950 Konnor Law Office has served the Milwaukee community and beyond.

Our Founder

Paul C. Konnor

“The practice of law is an honorable profession. One in which you can help people everyday you head to work. It’s a way to make a real difference in the lives of individuals, the community and ultimately the world.”



Back in the early 1950s, a recent UW Law School graduate, Paul C. Konnor, opened his law office not far from where he grew up on Wells Street in the shadow of the then newly constructed Milwaukee County Courthouse. There, Mr. Konnor began a long and accomplished career as a skilled and compassionate lawyer for individuals and small businesses in the Greater Milwaukee area. Over the years, Mr. Konnor earned the respect of judges and attorneys alike through his hard work, integrity, and zealous, though civil, representation of his clients. As a former boxer and World War II veteran with a “can do” attitude, Mr. Konnor never backed down from challenge. He consistently “soldiered on” for his clients to get them the best results possible. Further, after having grown up poor in the City of Milwaukee during the Great Depression, Mr. Konnor knew the value of a dollar. He always strove to deliver value to his clients – quality legal representation at affordable rates.

Among Paul Konnor’s accomplishments were several cases successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Wisconsin including Keifer v. Fred Howe Motors, which is still studied by law students to this day. Milwaukee Rescue Mission v. City of Milwaukee went to the Supreme Court twice creating significant law both times. Lake Drive Baptist Church v. Village of Bayside successfully challenged the Constitutionality of a zoning ordinance which excludes a church from a district where dwellings are permitted.

Mr. Konnor’s values endure at Konnor Law Office today. Our second generation attorney, Chris Konnor, with 30 years of legal experience himself, still strives to deliver value to you, our clients. It is our pledge to deliver top tier legal services to you at reasonable rates. We have stood toe to toe with large law firms charging double and triple our rates while delivering successful results for our clients. At Konnor Law Office, your case will get the personal attention of our attorney and will not be passed from desk to desk of staff people who are removed from you case.

Konnor Law Office is, and always has been, a general practice law firm. We make no apologies for that fact. We have developed a high level of skill in diverse areas of practice. We do not have a narrow focus in only one area of law. Therefore, no matter the type of case we handle for you, our diversity of experience and breadth of legal knowledge is only to your advantage, not to your detriment. It is just one more way we deliver value to you, our respected clients.